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Hina Pandya.

An independent writer, trainer, journalist, author, playwright & published poet. 
Offering experience as a participatory leader, excellent talent development skills, exceptional ideas with the drive to pull them off.
Developing sustainable organisation strategy and the ability to take a project and pull out the gems with integrity, ethics, humour, always with passion and focus.

"Hina is a multidimensional business leader, she brings the ability to consider and balance opportunities across an entire business.
Hina helps to strengthen the discipline as investment, build and scale increases.
She has a proven track record of initiating large projects with corporates such as Google, and excellent strategist for business plans, publishing and marketing ensuring success and profit time after time."
Hina has worked on Hollywood movies at Industrial Light and Magic, California USA. All change onto an MA in International relations she went on to work in policy writing for UK government departments, Head of Operations for a digital journalism Start-Up, running training for Journalists to keep their digital and pitching skills up to scratch including with Google all the while pursing all things journalism & creative writing... currently;

-Journalist: Privacy tech and AI, Racial inclusion in Modern Britain, Migrants in Libyan detention hangars, Leave UK & Brexit, VFX and Brexit in the film industry.

-Social Media strategy and analytics; news articles, crowdfunding for investigative journalism, and for authors.

-Published creative works include; Poetry in "Veils, Halos and Shackles", two theatrical plays adapted for radio and screen, three non fiction books.

-Public speaking, teaching and training.

-Games Narration

-A novel in progress, based on African and Indian folklore.

A personal note from Hina:
I love to write, read, socialise and belly laugh, most of all I love to work on things that have value and purpose. I can write, edit, SEO and strategise you to targets and profits you want to reach and add ideas and beyond. I manage teams and teach enthusiastic groups and individuals. I love what I do, and am looking forward to new opportunities with large ambition and scope.

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Twitter: @hinapublish
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“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.
Ray Bradbury