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I have poetry coming out in an anthology this year called: Veils, Halos and Shackles, my poem is called 'The Gallery' and about domestic violence witnessed as a child. It twists and turns in three easy paragraphs all written in different perspective.

Please do attend a poetry reading for it, or buy a copy details below:

Book: Veils, Halos and Shackles: Poetry Anthology. Released 2016


Poetry- Violence against women (three different pieces.)

This really packs a punch Hina Pandya. I really felt her pride, then her shock, at seeing her son's artwork.
Poignant and powerful piece and the ballad style is very effective in recounting this tale of woe. Thought-provoking stuff. Great work.

Very frank and heartfelt poem with a strong message. Great work.
-Hannah Marie

Great rhyme, and this piece reflects sexism and "women's rights" well. Very insightful and deep.

"Interesting piece, you tackle this current and controversial topic well! Very impacting and thought-provoking!"
"A truly hard hitting and impacting poem, it feels like an outpouring of bottled up emotions..."
Alexandra Neon (two different pieces)

Poignant piece, impacting and interesting perspective. I particularly liked the line about niqab being a prison for her.
Sheepyblue- Readwave

-Penaltypitstop - Readwave

Continuum Time Travel piece for Syfy, Universal TV Channel 2013

Have a read.. 


Very entertaining and imaginative - some original futuristic ideas in this one! Well played Hina Pandya!  John Thornton

Very imaginative and interesting. The cabs covered in holographic ad's sound amazing. Incredibly cool. Well done! Kate Daniela

This was a great bit of writing. Nice stuff. John Paul.