Journalism now

I currently cover the following areas in Journalism
I am always available for commission for articles and copy writing, video journalism creation and editing both print and visual.
  • Technology and developing AI and 360 Journalism currently on Byline
  • Health and Well being including technological developments
  • Women's interest
  • Health, politics and socio economics
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Travel Articles; Quirky and Unusual travel articles and things to do at home and abroad
    • Gender Based Violence in Conflict Areas
    • Violence against aid workers and the future of humanitarianism
    • Diaspora and origination of the many migrant crises of our times
    Screenplays and plays
    • Syrian refugees escaping the border
    • IVF and its realities 

    Services for authors, journalists and crowdfunders,  Assisting authors and journalists to develop manuscripts to publication, and then developing and teaching the individual effective social media strategy, complete with analytics, and influencer indicators.
    Projects for prominent journalists have included successful crowdfunding bids of up to £5k, projects undertaken with authors have included selling up to 100 e-books a month minimum.

    Concept inception, negotiation between companies and delivery of digital training tools from Google News Lab to over 300 NUJ Freelancers, as one of my freelance working streams, so good the NUJ took them!
    E book training: Please see my e book training page

    *Rates dependent on work length required.