I started my career jumping on a plane with a US work visa and found myself working at  Industrial Light and Magic (George Lucas' FX house) as a model maker for special effects on film and commercials. 

Coming back to the UK I found many a lacklustre opportunity, working in Bookshop Café's.
So decided my deep interest in all things global, social and environmental, would be best served by undertaking a Masters degree in International Relations.

Following that I worked at ABC News in London and utilising my writing skills for policy work for the UK Government's Department for development in international aid- DfID and National Police Oversight the IPCC.

Determined to make a bigger difference in 2008, I turned my focus back to the media in order to write to inform, mostly in magazines and newspapers. 

I have the ability to adapt writing around many subjects & styles, which is reflected in my bylines with Running Fitness, Mercury Records, Def Jam Records, View London, the Times Educational Supplement, The Street, Chat "its fate' and of course many online publications.

Call me up, email me for a coffee, hire me for your next project, it'll be fun working together and we'll have some pretty interesting conversation whilst we do. 
Please ask my references.


twitter: @hinapublish

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